Traveling and cycling: tips to be aware of

Don’t hesitate and pack all that is necessary for traveling! Here we have collected TOP tips to remember for racing.

Forget about distance

There is a myth that traveling is hard and you need superhuman skills. But if you set your goal according to personal abilities, you will go as far as you want. It mustn’t be anything unreal. To start you may find a good travel destination within a native city!

Set goals and targets

One way to make a trip more interesting is to set a target. You can plan to visit a natural object, meet old friends or attend some cool event in another city or country.

Plan a route

One of the great differences between cycling is that not only is the final destination important, but the journey. Explore the alternatives to reach and choose the most attractive one. Find attractions where you can stop after cycling to rest.

Make constant stops to eat and drink water. Don’t refuse to use other means of transport, it’s okay because a route should not be cycled completely. Go cycling and enjoy!

Don’t buy an ultra professional bike

It would be perfect to have a professional bike, but it’s not obligatory. As long as the vehicle is comfortable for long distances and allows you to carry the load, it’s more than enough to get you started.

Forget about super cycling bags

Also, if you don’t have special racing bags, you can replace them. You shouldn’t have a lot of luggage for a weekend trip. Use the basket on a bike, and adapt the backpack to the rear boot. Later, while enjoying bike tours, you can find baskets that meet personal needs.

Learn basic mechanics

You don’t need to be a mechanics guru. By maintaining a bicycle regularly, you reduce the chance of it breaking down on the road. Punctures are more common on weekend trips. As long as you know how to fix the issue, and how brakes work, you will overcome your first cycling trip.

Consider weather changes

There is no single list of things taking with you on a cycling tour. For a short weekend getaway, you probably won’t even need camping gear, as you may stay in a small hotel and eat at local restaurants you’ll find along the way.

As for clothing, in warm climates, it’s recommended to wear well-ventilated clothes and a hat to protect from the sun. In cold weather, it’s best to wear several layers. Remember you are constantly on the move, so no larger jackets.

A thin wool t-shirt or jumper will be a good alternative, as this material does not absorb water like cotton. Whether hot or cold, you never wear a thin jacket too much.

Learn and obey traffic laws

Cycling on the road may be very scary, but if you are cold-minded and obey traffic rules, your ride will be safe. As with cycling in the city, it’s crucial to watch out.

Don’t travel alone and join a group

It’s better to take your first ride with other cycling fans. It is not necessary, but desirable, that you can invite someone with some experience to get accompanied. Finding a travel companion is not always easy, so see forums and social media to find a cycling group in the area. Also, there are several websites where you will find someone to travel with.

Enjoy the ride

Enjoy the view, meet new people and feel the freedom of being a human! Emotions and new discoveries are fantastic, so replenish life with them!

To sum up: is cycling worth trying?

It’s up to you. But we are sure it is. You have to try giving own review. Don’t be scared to reveal something new. Both new experiences and improving racing skills will be useful.

Strive to become better and change all around. Live a full life!