Cycling for beginners: read out and remember

Cycling is becoming more popular and the number of participants in competitions continues to grow. More and more sports fans try their own skills into the case. Open how to do it correctly.

How to start cycling?

To find out how to start cycling, you must first choose a racing discipline. It will determine what equipment you will need and what your preparation should look like.

Road cycling

This is a sport in which sportsmen ride a specific route around town or on the road. It may be run in stages of varying complexity and stretches, depending on the competition. If you have heard of the Tour de France, it’s the one.

The category is practiced on a velodrome with intervals, making circles on the track. This is one of the categories of racing with the most specialties or subcategories.

Mountain biking

As it’s called, this is practiced in the mountains. You can also ride on rough terrain or downhill. It has three subcategories and of all the categories existing in cycling, they are considered with high risk. But such a race is as safe as possible for everyone, don’t worry.


Cyclocross was born as a type of mountain bike. It consists of taking a certain number of laps on a track with variations of terrain and different obstacles. Unlike mountain biking, cyclocross is not performed on mountains or hills.

Motocross or BMX bike

BMX is an extreme sport that consists of great feats and stunts on bicycles. It has two different modalities and originated as a homage to motocross, only bikes are used instead of motorbikes.

Trial races

The trial is similar to cyclocross in that you must complete a course through varied terrain with obstacles. The aim of the test is to ride the whole course and avoid obstacles without resting your feet on the ground. It requires a lot of skill and nerves of steel as high speeds are achieved when riding the route.

Indoor cycling

It is the newest category of racing competition and is practiced on the court or indoors. The competition has two subcategories: artistic cycling and cycloball. The category is not used in racing like the others and is not as extreme or dangerous. It does not affect the level of difficulty and physical ability to practice.

So racing differs a lot and gathers millions of followers fascinated with diversity. Having revealed the main disciplines, let’s keep on learning how to practice racing.

Steps to make to start correctly

If you are a newcomer, don’t be ashamed of not knowing how to proceed. It’s okay, we will help you to move on. Just make a look at the tips below.

Get prepared and plan

To start racing and do it well, it is best to plan beforehand. If you don’t set a goal, you will lack motivation, and get tired of continuing. You don’t have to plan everything, just prepare a route to start, like:

Set the duration

How long do you think you can stay on the bike? In the beginning, you should not set too difficult goals. If less than an hour, that’s fine.

Check the weather conditions

On a cold, rainy day, unless you wear suitable clothes, the racing will be a disaster.

Eat well and drink enough

It depends on the length of the route, but you have to take something with you. This way you avoid a drastic deterioration in physical performance, which leads to the depletion of glycogen reserves.

Choose the right route

If you are still not good at racing, seek a road that has no cars. And be realistic about your physical abilities.

Begin training and exercising

When you have bought a bike and get motivated to start, it’s time to train. You need to know how to start racing, and what to do once you are on it. Training helps improve your performance and optimize your energy. It should be tailored to your level and be progressive.

Be self-reliant

Being self-reliant means preparing well before you go, being realistic about goals, and knowing how to overcome obstacles along the way. This way you will learn how to fix a puncture. Carry a basic toolkit and avoid getting stuck.

Don’t forget to stretch

A good stretch will help develop speed, strength, coordination, recovery, and prevent injury. It is essential to spend at least five minutes after a moderate-intensity session stretching. Pay special attention to the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

These are the muscle groups that work the hardest in racing. You will gain strength and improve your muscle tone. It will also help you change your activities. Squats, lunges, ground lifting, barbells, or Russian twists are some of the most recommended exercises.

To conclude: should you dig into the case?

The decision is always up to you. We tried to review the main aspects of the disciplines to know before trying. Among the benefits of sport is that you may keep fit, be healthy, and make your body stronger. Open Google, find a good bike, and take the first steps.

The journey must fascinate you. Good luck!