Cycling and fitting: can they be combined?

You have heard sport helps you be in shape, haven’t you? The truth is it’s crucial to be fond of discipline you fit. Cycling is a perfect option to enjoy and physically develop. Below there are some tips to consider for succeeding.

Love what you do

Creating a training plan, setting goals, taking breaks, taking care of proper rest, and work, family and all kinds of commitments may end up stealing fun out of cycling it gives. When you stop having fun, you lose passion and motivation to continue doing it.

If you feel like sitting on a bike is a duty, refresh and enjoy a ride again. Put everything you have planned for a few days aside and just get on a bike to have a rest drink a cup of coffee outside or join a good company. After you come home, surely, you will recover soon. The more you enjoy what you do, the more you wanna keep doing it, and you can get back to your plans.

Exercise with a cold mind

One of the most common tips is that doing the same run at the same intensity over and over again is not enough to improve. For excellent results change intensity of workouts. If there are ports or long climbs close to home or on a fenced path, it may be the perfect opportunity to combine a mix of high with low intensity.

You don’t need to work out much. At least a few times a week it may include 3-5 minutes of high intensity in 3 classes with an equal light intensity time. It’s best to alternate hard and soft designs to match intensity.

Train the endurance

To have a good base that allows continuing cycling, it is best to do at least one or two long rides per week. A walk should last at least two and a half hours and be done at a pace to chat without losing breath.

Pedal correctly and succeed

Outside of aesthetic considerations, learning a proper technique will make results more efficient on the bike and you will gain more endurance with the same amount of effort. The pedal technique is one of the most overlooked in cycling, but it is easy to master and is able to quickly improve performance.

Combine strenuous and light activities

After a difficult start or a long journey testing resilience, it is highly recommended to do light activities to recover. Also, instead of cycling, switch to some light exercises at the gym or in the pool. Remember when you recover, performance improves. So rest and complete light recovery training and enjoy cycling.

Also with these tricks, you improve your technique and gain endurance.

Eat good food and don’t starve

It is one of the biggest cycling mistakes to stop eating when trying to lose weight and get into shape quickly. Working out and starving with a very low-calorie diet is formula for long-term failure.

Even in a short term, it will be bad, because without necessary calories comes fatigued, lack of strength, and little desire to cycle, you stop going out and end up having the rebound effect.

Sleep enough and have a rest

You don’t live to keep cycling, remember work, family, friends, and hobbies. If you don’t rest properly, you won’t have courage or desire to race. Good sleep is necessary to restore body after exercise. How many hours do you need? It depends on quality of sleep. Even with 6 hours, you are as good as new but it’s recommended to sleep at least 8.

So fitting and cycling are matching?

Yes, they are. Being a huge fan of cycling you have a range of opportunities to make the body stronger and become healthier.