Manual on how to choose an appropriate cycling bike

Racing seems to be perfect to dig into. But when you decide to start a big question appears — how to choose a good bicycle to cycle on? Can you just select the most beautiful one? Or do technical features matter too? In the article, we will help you to find out your perfect option.

Main aspects to mind

Choosing cycling vehicle is not that easy, so you have to mention the general details to pay attention to while selecting. Follow the steps below.

Usage and function of the bike

There is currently a wide range of vehicles and brands specializing in racing. But there are many aspects to consider first. Ask yourself as honestly and realistically as possible:

  • What fitness shape level do you need to hike?
  • Are you looking for athletic performance or just relaxation? Are you going to compete?
  • Which kind of walks will you do?
  • How much time can you spend racing?

After answering these questions, you will have an idea of what kind of cycling bike you really need.

It is crucial to choose one that is suitable to the aim of usage, as well as progressing and acquiring the best gear as your level and commitment to this sport progresses.

Best type to race

During the process you must be sure about how you will use your purchase: just for urban traffic, relaxing walking, or amateur (maybe professional) racing. It’s an important consideration, as the frame of a road bike will have different geometries depending on the type of cycling, among which:

  1. climbing bicycle;
  2. endurance racing bicycle;
  3. aerocross bicycle;
  4. road (triathlon or time trial) bicycle.

When it’s done, you are ready to move on to budget analysis. Let’s go!

Calculate your budget

Here the variety of vehicles is huge. It’s better not to save costs, but if you can’t afford the most expensive bicycle — it’s not a problem.

Cheap options

The current proliferation of different models of cheap cycling bikes is due both to reputable brands trying to attract new users with simpler vehicles and to suppliers specializing in producing bicycles at low prices.

Best price-performance ratio vehicles

To buy a mid-range bike from a well-known brand, note that prices won’t be low. There are many models in the range and the price difference is usually determined by the quality of their main components, mainly the chassis and the drivetrain.

Luxurious variants

If you are seeking a high-performance racing bike with great durability you can keep up with, you need to opt for state-of-the-art models. Currently, you will find a wide range of models from the best brands like Trek, Orbea, Cannondale, Giant or Scott, and others.

More tips to remember

Knowing which type of bike best suits your preferences and racing style is very important. But once you have decided on the geometry of the vehicle (a long route or a climbing road), you should pay special attention to the following factors.

Mention your height

A bicycle that is too small or too big to your height will soon lead to many problems, like back and joint pain. Choosing a suitable bike size is sometimes complicated by the different scales. Your height is a good piece of information to determine the bicycle size, but the height of your hips is just as crucial as long or short legs too.

Consider your weight and elasticity

The position you can assume on the bike greatly affects which model suits you. The elasticity of your back is key. If you look at professional cyclists, you’ll see that most of them are practically lying down on their bikes.

Also, your weight affects your bike and component selection. Manufacturers of frames, wheels, or handlebars frequently indicate the maximum weight of a rider for which they recommend their products.

To conclude: is it possible to find the best option?

Yes, it’s not a fantasy. Be cold-minded and prepare for the purchase. Have a good luck!